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.008 Mini Rockets Red Glare Metal Flake

.008 Mini Rockets Red Glare Metal Flake

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The name describes the visual spectacle of rockets or fireworks lighting up the night sky during a battle. The "red glare" specifically refers to the bright, fiery appearance of the fireworks as they ascend and burst overhead, creating a dazzling and patriotic spectacle. Light the fuse on your next project, and watch the fireworks! Can be used in many custom paint applications including lowriders, bass boats, choppers, and epoxy floors. 

  • Most metal flake sizes are available in 0.008, and 0.015 hexagons, these are some of the thinnest flakes on the market, ensuring a seamless and uniform finish.
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA with Ultra high-quality, super-thin solvent-resistant polyester metal flake.


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